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Asbestos Operations and Management

Managing Your Risks

Why You Need an O&M Plan

The majority of asbestos containing materials may not need to be removed from your building if you know how to properly manage them. All Phase Environmental’s O&M plans will tell you: where the asbestos is; how you should monitor it; how to handle it; how to label it; how to train your employees working in the building; how to keep from disturbing the asbestos; and what to do if the asbestos is disturbed.

asbestos wrapped plumbing

A chest x-ray following asbestos exposure showing extensive malignant mesothelioma encasing the right lung. Pleural plaques are present on the left.

What We Will Do For You

An O&M Plan is a critical component for properly managing asbestos in place and assuring compliance with construction and exposure regulations. Using the information obtained in a comprehensive survey, All Phase Environmental, Inc. will perform a risk analysis of the asbestos in your building and define priorities and necessary actions you will need to take to properly manage the asbestos in place. We will also provide the workers in the building who may potentially be exposed to asbestos with Awareness Training.