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Types of ESA Reports


Phase 1 ESA

An APEI Phase One site assessment is guaranteed to meet or exceed the ASTM-E-1527 standard. Beyond that, the level of detail in our phase 1 report will meet or exceed the legal obligations of due diligence regarding the property.



Phase 2 ESA

Phase 1 testing may indicate a property requires a phase 2 test to define an unknown condition. In the event a phase 1 test indicates a property requires a phase 2 test, we can save you money by using our research-before-dig methodology.



Phase 3 ESA

When contamination is found on your property, some form of Phase Three services may be necessary. At All Phase Environmental Inc., our professionals will search out the most cost effective and expedient alternative for your phase 3 assessment.



Transaction Screen

Transaction screens (also referred to as a limited Phase One Assessment) consist of a more detailed Records Search and an on-site investigation. Guaranteed to meet or exceed the ASTM-E-1528 standard.



Records Search

A fast and inexpensive technique to uncover environmental information about your property is the Records Search. This study will probe government databases for your property and the surrounding area.




The EPA developed the NEPA Checklist Review to report potential adverse environmental impacts on plants, animals and cultural sites. NEPA reviews are usually required on all federally funded or FCC related projects.