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NEPA Reviews

Melding Nature and Development

Need for NEPA Review

All Phase Environmental offers you an additional service by completing NEPA Checklist reviews. These detailed research projects are required along with a Phase One ESA prior to the installation of communication tower sites pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. The FCC requires potential adverse environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of a proposed communication tower be assessed. Some federally funded projects also require a NEPA checklist review as part of the Phase One ESA. The content of the NEPA checklist was developed by the US Environmental Protection Act to report potential adverse environmental impacts on plants, animals and cultural sites.

All Phase NEPA Reviews for Cell Sites

NEPA Checklist Reviews are required for cell tower sites

What's in the Report
  • A copy of the NEPA checklist and supporting documentation
  • Copies of all correspondence with governmental agencies
  • Where possible, copies of the maps researched
  • All telephone conversations will be summarized in the report findings and the actual telephone memos will be presented in the appendix of the report
  • color digital photographs
  • Report presented in written format and on CD.