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Our Phase One ESA

Due Diligence Without Compromise

Our Phase One Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) will protect your assets by offering the degree of detail required to legally meet your due diligence obligations. Our reports are guaranteed to meet or exceed the ASTM-E-1527 standard for Phase One Environmental Site Assessments. In some instances, further testing of media may be required to meet this obligation. However, because our reports exceed industry standards and our professionals are meticulously trained and experienced in Phase One ESAs, our recommendations result in fewer sub-surface investigations.

Leaking Oil Drums and Pond

Contamination can exist anywhere

Is It Time To Update Your ESA?

At APEI, we want you to always come back to us. To insure this, we will update your Phase One ESA for a small fee and in a most expedient manner. Like friends, we believe customers should be for life.


What Is Included In The Phase I ESA:

This report comes with a computerized color map showing your property at the center and any sites found on the databases surrounding your site. We also include color digital photographs that will bring your project to life and illustrate the property in vivid detail. All telephone conversations will be summarized in the report findings and the actual telephone memos can be found in the appendix of the report. Your report will be presented in written form and a copy will be provided on CD. There are no hassles if you need additional letters of reliance, this is simply part of our services.

If you are interested in having the building or other improvements inspected for their engineering/structural condition, we will have certified and licensed engineers perform surveys as part of your ESA.