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Our Phase Two ESA

Going Underground

If testing is needed at a property to definitively address an unknown condition, we can provide you with Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment Services. We will try to save you money by reducing the number of samples by first researching the conditions at the project. We will use the site topography, known or estimated groundwater depths and, if available, existing surrounding sub-surface studies to develop a sampling plan that will define the contaminants associated with the problems identified in the Phase One Environmental Site Assessment.

phase 2 esa dig

Phase ii ESA soil samples

What Is Included In The Report?

Our Phase Two projects include several different sampling techniques and media for defining the contaminates in the air, ground, and water. All of our samples are properly preserved, documented on a chain of custody and delivered to an NVLAP and state certified laboratory for analysis. The results of our Phase Two testing will be described in a comprehensive and easy to read report complete with drawings, digital photographs and recommendations. Your report will be presented in written form and you will be given a copy of the report on CD.


What If Contamination Is Found?

If contamination is found and the conditions are suitable, we will apply to the appropriate regulating agencies for closure with no further action. If necessary, we can also offer you advice, planning and design services for Phase Three Environmental Site Assessment projects.