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Our Phase III ESA

Making Problems Disappear

If contamination is found on your property, some form of Phase III services may be necessary. At APEI our professionals will search out the most cost effective and expedient alternative for you. The Phase I and II documents will be reviewed. Surrounding subsurface geology and hydrogeology will be studied. A Risk Assessment will be performed to determine if the contamination is moving off site or if it has the potential to contaminate drinking water sources.

Site Closure Without Remediation

Whenever possible, we will try to get you a site closure without performing remedial actions. This will still require a detailed Risk Assessment, installation of groundwater monitoring wells and several years of sampling and testing to insure the contaminants are not migrating. However, considering the high cost of remedial actions, we may be able to save you a significant amount of money.


Phase iii ESA soil contamination monitoring and remediation

Beyond Phase Three

As a last resort, we may need to recommend some form of remedial action. If this is necessary, we can provide you with design services, detailed cost estimates, permitting, system installation, system operation and periodic sampling services. Of particular interest is our Phytoremediation service. APEI has composed a team of professionals who are phytoremediation experts. Our technology of using plants and trees to perform remedial actions is both cost effective and eco-friendly.



Regardless of the remedial actions your site may require, you can rely on All Phase Environmental for accurate, effective and cost efficient services. You will experience our philosophy of Quality, Speed and Price at every phase of your project.