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Lead Contamination

Protecting Yourself from Lead

Why You Should Use Us

Problems associated with lead based paint and radon can be solved economically, quickly and safely when you have the right professionals working for you. All Phase Environmental will assist you in identifying, quantifying and designing a plan to reduce or eliminate your lead and radon problems while minimizing your capital expenditures. The All Phase Environmental team abides by HUD guidelines, state and OSHA regulations. We understand your need to protect your organization from the liabilities associated with lead based paint and radon problems.

We will provide you with a proposal tailored to your budget, time constraints and your specific needs. If you find yourself in need of results fast, really fast, refer to our Express Delivery Services policy for industry leading turnaround capabilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our web page or call us at (800) 567-7729 and ask our staff any questions you may have regarding lead based paint or radon in your building. If you prefer, you can leave the project information at our price quote page and you will receive a proposal within twenty-four hours.

We inspect for the presence of lead not only in paint but also in water, soil and air within residential, commercial and industrial properties.

What We Can Do
  • Lead Based Paint
    • X-Ray Florescence (XRF)
    • Flame Atomic Absorption spectrometry (FAA)
    • Handling recommendations and a cost estimate for removal
  • Lead In Drinking Water
    • On-ste Sampling
    • Labratory Analysis at an NVLAP accredited lab
    • Removal recommendations and a cost estimate for repair or removal
  • Lead In Soil
    • On-ste Sampling
    • Labratory Analysis at an NVLAP accredited lab
    • Recommendations and a cost estimate for repair or removal

Onsite soil analysis using XHR flourescence


Why You Should Have An Approved Removal Plan

If you plan to renovate or demolish your building and LBP is present, then a plan for controlling the lead must be developed. Using the wrong method of removal can actually increase the risk of lead exposure. Our lead abatement procedure services will identify and define the materials needing special handling and disposal and how to manage them during construction. These documents will limit your liability and allow you to competitively bid the work among several contractors. You will then obtain the best price and eliminate construction period change orders at the same time.

Lead Abatement Projects

When All Phase Environmental performs construction monitoring and air sampling services, we will protect your interests by having trained and certified professionals on site at all times during the lead abatement process.

Lead Awareness Training

All Phase Environmental offers two-hour lead awareness training that will be taught by experienced and dynamic individuals. Our training will focuse on your specific building and also cover general safe work practices. The curriculum has been developed to reduce anxiety that may occur from having LBP in your building.